Beach Glass

The great thing about living at the seaside is that you always find a spot to photograph.
The sunrises, dunes and people.

But what to do when it rains and it is too bad to go outside because you don’t want to risk destroying your equipment?

The beach offers a lot of things. Not only wildlife, but also shells and stones.
But the most magic thing you can find is …


Yes you read it right, glass.
Because all that glass is sanded down to a soft transparent stone.

when you find them, take them home and experiment.  I have put  mine on plexiglass, speedlights all around. and I have put them inside a ring flash.

the possibilities are endless.

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Freddie and Cooper

Freddie and Cooper. One of his Golden retriever friends

the first lot of photos were when I just got my DSLR and you can see how far I have improved

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Freddie and Toby

Freddie meeting a pup, 4 months old labrador. Toby

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Whitlingham Country Park

Some shots at the broads, Didnt have much time to shoot as it started to rain and I had no waterproof camera equipment with me.



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Surfing Dog (Perry)

The sun is back and lovely weather for some surfing, Don’t you think Perry?



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A few shots of the pump in my garden.

Initially, I was trying to catch a drop falling of the pump.
But then Freddie wanted to help me a bit


the pump is not working so I had to use a spray bottle to give the effect it was working

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Wherrymans way, Great Yarmouth

We decided to do a walk at wherrymans way from Great yarmouth, not too far of course as Freddie is still a pup but it is very lovely there if you can ignore the railway behind us.

the dogs had fun swimming and we enjoyed the views.


Perry swimPerry jumping in ythe river YareDSC_0137DSC_0128DSC_0117DSC_0123DSC_0122


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S’not fair!

It’s not fair.
I finally found some food, but was a bit chewy. Humum took it away from me!! It was fresh and still alive! S’not fair!!

DSC_0061 DSC_0062

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Perry’s blog has moved to this page. You will find here photo’s and other stuff related to this wonderful amazing flatcoat

Who is Perry?

Hi, My name is Perry. I am a black flatcoated retriever who has just moved into my new home and life with my new humans. My birthday is 18 July 2011. I am telling you this so that you can send me some nice juicy bones for my birthday. My new humans are: Peet, who is a pack leader and the dominant alpha male...
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Freddie getting wet

living at the seaside Freddie has no choice but meeting the water and get wet. here a few photos of him trying a little bit of the sea

DSC_0150DSC_0212DSC_0211DSC_0156DSC_0137Perry jumping in ythe river Yare
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